Village boy in suit

Teflon Flexx – Village Boy In Suit (Full EP)

Stream & Download Full tracks from the Village boy in suit EP below

Teflon Flexx – Village Boy in Suit (Prod by DopeNation)


Teflon Flexx – No foreplay (Prod by Stone B)


Teflon Flexx – Murder (prod by STONE B)


Teflon Flexx – Baba God (prod by Stone B)


Teflon Flexx – Oluwa (prod by Stone B)


Teflon Flexx – Oppotunity (prod by Stone B)


Teflon Flexx – Follow Me (prod Flaymez)


Teflon Flexx – Yeri yeri (prod by Stone B)

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  • Kandas

    Well done man! I enjoyed myself, I’m gonna keep the tracks on loop on my phone for some weeks.

    • Emy

      Well done

  • Don Rebel

    Dope lyrics on massive beats……dis album is looking down on the skies……more fire….#VBIS#BET🎼

  • Ak Azewon

    Perfect take off bro keep flying high

  • Flamez

    Nice EP..but Follow me Produced By Flamez…Not stone B

  • Mulumba

    He is unstoppable
    He is poised for greatness
    Humble beginning
    We dey your back#villageboyinsuite
    A must listen track
    My day has been made

  • Norgah Caleb

    Bless up bro the whole of Ghana and particularly sandema is talking about you today

  • Asalipiung

    Dhope! I knew you won’t disappoint! The sky is the limit

  • stephen

    congrats man. stay focused and bring more vibe in the coming years……………

  • Jesse Anak

    Congrats bro, stay focused and the sky will be the limit.

    • Teflon Flexx

      thank you, we really appreciate your feedback

  • Drag B

    Taacheng ka nantaa jam! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaasive!

  • Drag B

    Much love, everything is POSSIBLE

    • Teflon Flexx

      thank you, we really appreciate your feedback….much love to you


    What a great day I had!
    Man abi I told you we got your back? The sky self no dey too far to limit ur destination. Go higher my man.

  • Rahim

    Massive work done. I trust and always Proud of you ever since I sighted your debut visual track (no foreplay ) on xylophone tv. More fire…

  • Azantilow Awonboro

    Go leave your footprints on the moon, the sky is just your starting point. Soon and very soon, BBC will hear of you. Thumbs up!

  • Kidd-Gyasi

    Big ups Flex….u made it…I’m looking foward to step on a beat with u…Dhope album #villageboyinsuit

  • Agbaam Bruce

    Keep it up bro. We are fully behind you. God bless your hustle

  • Selorm

    Too much king ..
    Mad mad mad 🌟🔥🔥

  • Adangabe Ebenezer

    massive blood…. oluwa my favorite…. More strength ….More Grace

  • Emile

    Great Job!!! You are so indomitable!!!

  • Kapochino

    Big ups bro we will fully support you till you bore

  • Young Man

    The sky is the limit but u go reach 4 the clouds.Teflon wassup?? Burn it all……

  • DJ Hassan gh

    My super star⭐⭐⭐😎

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