Teflon Flexx

Christopher Akanvarichaab Akaateba, better known by his stage name Teflon Flexx, is a Ghanaian Afro beats and Afrohouse singer. He is one of the pioneers of Ghanaian Afrohouse music and first to mention when it comes to Ghanaian Afro house music. He is regarded the fastest rising artist from Northern Ghana and was recently awarded by the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards as the “Unsung Artist of the Year” 2020.

The artist has become an extreme exception to the various artists from the northern part of Ghana who fail to breakthrough to the south as he is able to make music that is appealing to both southern and northern Ghana and listeners in the entire world. According to him rhythm has no language barriers therefore music with a good rhythm breaks through all language barriers.

1. Early Life, beginning and musical career so far

Teflon Flexx was Born on 18th July 1995 in Wiaga and is a fourth of 12 children. He completed his basic education in Sandema Preparatory primary and JHS and attended the St Charles a Minor Seminary SHS In Tamale where preceded to the University For Development Studies in Wa Where he earned a degree in Social Science Education. Growing up in a society that dismisses entertainment ambitions Teflon Flexx kept his music dream almost a secrete until his days in the University where he formed a music group named “The Invaders”. He kickstart his musical journey professionally in 2018 when he released No foreplay of his EP “The Village Boy In Suit”.

The EP “Village Boy In Suit” contained 8 songs including Oluwa which he remade in 2020. Teflon Flexx is currently signed to no label but calls his team and everyone supporting his music “The Stew Gang”. Several times the artist has referred to him self as the 21st century Kwame Nkrumah because he believes he is here to be a sign of motivation and inspiration to the talents coming from areas of the globe where entertaining talents are being depressed. Teflon Flexx has released several singles after his debut EP including songs that got him a number of national awards.