Teflon Flexx

Teflon Flexx: Fight Against the Spread and Contraction of COVID-19

The explosive spread of the Corona virus is such that although its fatality rate is relatively moderate, the sheer number of people who may get infected is astronomical. And with a large enough pool of cases and death. That level of trauma is simply untenable.

We do not as yet have the benefit of a vaccine or cure, so we are dependent on social and behavioral change to avert this disaster.

One way is to focus on individual behavioral change as a means of reducing the likelihood of getting – or passing on – the virus. This is where good hand hygiene and limited face touching come in. But people are people, and old habits die hard.

As a citizen with a voice of many that care about the well-being of my country and its citizenry, i plead that we all strongly adhere to the strict health guide to save lives. Its a collective responsibility 

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